Since EVERYTHING is CONSCIOUSNESS, and since YOU are EVERYTHING, shifting from one parallel reality to another is like "closing your eyes" in one version and "opening your eyes" in another version.

Shifting from one parallel reality to another is like "viewing through the window of another you" and no longer "viewing through the window of the previous you". But keep in mind that this "new you" and the "previous you" are still both "real", and have both always existed, since YOU are EVERYTHING and YOU have ALWAYS EXISTED. So shifting parallel realities boils down to the YOU-that-is-EVERYTHING shifting the perspective or point-of-view from which it's viewing a part of its EVERYTHING-SELF. And sensing yourself as everything is not losing your identity. In contrast, it is expanding your self-identity to include EVERYTHING.


If we see ourselves in a mirror, we know it's a reflection, we know we're not over there - it's just an illusion that our image is appearing in the mirror.


In order to explore the phase of a higher frequency consciousness that we identify as WATER, we suggest the psychomanteum shifts exercise which includes a set of 7 mirror reflections of a person, where every reflection is representative of one of the 7 colors of the rainbow, every color representing a certain state of being of that person. The student is asked to communicate with each of his/her reflection as with the parallel reality versions of oneself.


The exercise also includes such aspects as :


- Activization of the energetic heart establishing the connection with the SOURCE - the non-energy existing prior to all duality.

- Unconditional love meditation that enhances the understanding that we all are just the mirror image of each other, and therefore in order to feel the unconditional love for ourselves it appears necessary to learn to send out the desired signals to our mirror(s) in that sense.

- Connection with the Universe of the body that enables us to consider our own physical body as a whole Universe of living organisms that depend on our will and decisions. As it is the same to us on the scale of planet Earth, Solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, etc.