Empathy is the capacity to feel the emotions of the other by imagining what it would be like to be in that person's situation. This feeling is achieved through our heart connection and the brain imaging by our mirroring neuronal network.

Our heart can produce an electromagnetic field 5000 times as powerful as that produced by our brain. Our heart has intelligence and it actually communicates to every other heart - literally, electromagnetically. All our hearts are literally talking to one another in electromagnetic pulses. Every single beat of our heart sends out an electromagnetic, 360-degree spherical bubble at the speed of light. That means instantly, nearly every single one of those bubbles pulsates around and through the entire planet from every single being on it.

We are immersed in each other's heartbeats. When we begin to talk to our own heart, we will know how to talk to others, sometimes without saying a thing with our mouth or brain.

The balancing of the heart, body and brain is a matter of letting everything do its job and not more than its job. In that sense, the brain relates to the heart by doing the tasks that are specifically the domain and the talent of the brain, taking the heart's energy and applying it in reality in ways that allow you to have thoughts, but these thoughts need to be in agreement and in harmony with the heart's knowingness and the body's sensing, otherwise you are discordant. For example, the heart can feel something that the brain will think is not in the best interest of the brain. But, it's up to the brain to accept the love from the heart and then the brain will know how to fall into place properly.

The body, the brain and the heart each has its own way of receiving information. The body senses vibrational resonance. The brain gets its information by thinking, processing. The heart gets its information by knowing, feeling.

The heart tends to speak in the second-person voice of "us" more than the brain's first-person "me" and third-person "you". If you want to know if you are tapping into the heart's code, try tape recording your conversations with your lover and then counting the number of "I, me and you" words compared to "we, us, ours".

When we say that loving is giving our heart to someone, we are describing that the power of heart energy synchronization activates the cellular memories of the shared infantile paradise, referring to him or her as "baby, sweetie and honey", to acknowledge what it's like to be as energized and as enchanted with life as children are.

Empathy is a powerful key to the inspirational realm, as it develops the necessary awareness and enables us to get inspired by the other as we develop the capacity to experience their feelings.

The exercise of connecting with the other self is directed towards experiencing the same given circumstances from the point of view of everyone involved.


It also is preceded by an introduction to such aspects as :


- Activization of the energetic heart establishing the connection with the SOURCE - the non-energy existing prior to all duality.

- Unconditional love meditation that enhances the understanding that we all are just the mirror image of each other, and therefore in order to feel the unconditional love for ourselves it appears necessary to learn to send out the desired signals to our mirror(s) in that sense.

- Connection with the Universe of the body that enables us to consider our own physical body as a whole Universe of living organisms that depend on our will and decisions. As it is the same to us on the scale of planet Earth, Solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, etc.