What we call journeys are the different inspirational PERMISSION SLIPS we are using to be more of who we are. It is the case for ALL tools, ALL techniques, ALL rituals, ALL formats, ALL objects we are utilizing in that sense.


It's up to each of us to identify the permission slips in alignment with our beliefs, as  It's NOT that permission slip, the ritual, object or practice that is really doing it, WE are doing it.


Religion, tarot cards, aroma therapy, crystals, chanting, stones, contemplation, divination, drumming, meditation, monastic life, music, offerings, oracles, etc. are all just representative of what our belief system is in alignment with, that will allow to RELAX A LIMITATION and give ourselves permission to be more of who we are.


The endless variety of possible journeys connect to all of the different planes of reality and energy fields, e. g. :


Higher self journey : accessing higher levels of consciousness, communication with the spirit realm, higher dimensions etc. Some examples of permission slips : meditation, prayer, shamanic practices, out-of body experience, lucid dreaming, etc.


Parallel reality journey : accessing the desired shared parallel reality planes. Some examples of permission slips : divination, tarot cards, gazing, oracles, etc.


Physical sense journeys : accessing the desired state of being through physical sense stimuli. Some examples of permission slips : music, chanting, aroma therapy, visualization, massage, fine eating, martial arts, stones, retreats, etc.


Again, ALL of the journeys or inspirational permission slips are about achieving a certain STATE OF BEING. Any permission slip can work. They are all valid depending on personal preference. We therefore recommend students to explore the ones most in alignment with their belief system if they so choose.


At the same time, when we achieve a higher level of understanding, we realize, as part of our valid process, that we don't necessarily need that permission slip anymore - in the same way as an adult, we don't need the same kind of things we needed as a kid. But that doesn't invalidate the fact that we needed them as a kid. It doesn't dismiss them. It's what got us to where we are, to the point where we realize we don't need those things anymore.


In this section we won't explore the permission slips in a more detailed manner as our passion is about concentrating attention on one's own consciousness and piloting it without cultivating dependence on permission slips.