Enabling our students to consciously pilot their reality shift is our passion and mission statement. This process being multi - layered, the first layer we approach would include managing our attention.

Managing one's attention is crucial to the capacity of concentrating and directing the energy and consciousness flow to a specific area / reality plane / consciousness level.

Attention is the driving engine for the energy. We always reinforce that what we feed with our attention. When we direct our attention to any phenomena, we are giving our energy to these phenomena. This is how it comes into existence in our reality. This is why all phenomena desiring to share a reality are fighting for attention. Internal attention.

Assigning a certain meaning and importance to any field of information would be proportional to its degree of activization and hence its presence in our shared reality. Those who are willing to explore this concept further could refer to the chapter BELIEFS in order to play around with belief systems and hence become more aware of how we consciously choose the importance we assign to any phenomena and how we can change it.

Life is exchange of energy and information. When we draw our attention to a specific field of information, we are bringing to life the program that it contains and that moves it through realities.

There are all kinds of information available, but they are all irrelevant unless we draw our attention to them. Only then they get activated.

Attention is the currency in which the reality choice is traded. Combined with intention, we can consciously construct the setting for the reality we prefer to experience.

We initiate our reality by drawing our attention and looking at something. "Look where you want to go  and hence do not look where you don't want to go" is the mantra for the choice of the reality we prefer.


In order to develop the instrument, managing attention focuses on the awareness of the existence of the 7 levels of consciousness :

- Physical body. Survival Instinct. Awareness of space.
- Emotional body. Sexuality. Feeling.
- Mental body. Thoughts, beliefs, ideas, programs, ego.
- Astral body. Higher mind, energy fields, psychic ability.
- Etheric body. Love, compassion, service, the light body.
- Causal body. Cosmic consciousness, timelessness.
- The soul. The home level. Full abilities.