1. You exist. You always have and you always will. You are eternal.
2. Everything is here and now.
3. One is All and All are One.
4. What you put out is what you get back.
5. Everything changes except for the first four laws.

Those five laws are the first layer of the matrix. All other layers are based on BELIEF SYSTEMS being a reflection of ALL-THAT-IS from a certain point of view.


1. The Planet Earth is a multi-dimensional consciousness that we have the capacity to connect to and we can use that connection in order to transition to any version that is vibrationally compatible with our state of being.

2. The Earth Matrix is based on many levels of consciousness such as
- Planetary
- Akashic
- Magnetic
- Collective and Individual consciousness of all living organisms and ecosystems
- Human Collective and Individual consciousness, etc.

3. As human beings incarnated on Planet Earth we all share 7 basic needs :
- Air
- Water
- Sleep
- Food
- Shelter
- Connection - relationship
- Personal unique creative expression



1. In a 3-dimensional version of planet Earth humans choose to "forget" that we are a non-physical eternal consciousness that is experiencing physical reality, just as we experience a dream. This experience of separation serves a better and deeper understanding of the CREATION itself.

2. Consciousness can be expressed on a 12-level scale, inhabited by beings that are connected to each specific level. These levels are related to the specific experience of reality; for example, the third level of consciousness gives experience of the 3-dimensional version of our reality etc. :

- Physical body. Survival Instinct. Awareness of space.
- Emotional body. Sexuality. Feeling.
- Mental body. Thoughts, beliefs, ideas, programs, ego.
- Astral body. Higher mind, energy fields, psychic ability.
- Etheric body. Love, compassion, service, the light body.
- Causal body. Cosmic consciousness, timelessness.
- The soul. The home level. Full abilities.
- The oversoul. First level of group soul complex.
- Master oversoul or monad. A vast universal consciousness.
- Buddhic or Christic Self. Awareness of All-that-is - God
- Individual God Self. Total self-realization.
- Universal God Self. Beyond all concept of self.

3. Human consciousness is not limited to our physical brain or the 7 chakra's consciousness. Talking specifically about the brain, it is a receiver antenna for higher-frequency information transmitted by the Higher Mind, which it then electrochemically translates into the perception that the Physical Mind experiences. Regardless of its "realness", the relevance is clearly in the experience itself and not in the experienced physical phenomena (things-as-they-are-perceived), nor noumena (things-as-they-are). All objective reality can be expressed as shared elements created by agreements in the collective consciousness of humanity and Earth's matrix.

4. The physical reality perceived by human consciousness is a manifestation of a template-level reality; it is a certain vibration of electromagnetic energy - an infinite rainbow of light and sound that makes up physical reality experience.

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.