Anything we experience, all we are actually feeling is made of OUR energy and is happening in OUR energy. It cannot be any other way. We are in creator mode per definition, but we can always use our creator mode in order to create the reality where we would buy into the illusion of NOT being in creator mode.

We don't experience anything we don't believe serves us. Beliefs are the device in order for us to experience life. The process we access here would suit those who choose to experience life in creator mode vs the user mode. Many people find it difficult to create their own reality just because they BELIEVE they CANNOT do so.

The core belief supporting user mode versus the creator mode is some form of UNWORTHYNESS. Digging down to this belief and letting go of it is the key to the activization of creator mode. As per definition, YOU ARE WORTHY. You cannot win that argument against CREATION itself, as CREATION doesn't make mistakes. It exists prior to all beliefs about it. If you EXIST, CREATION or ALL-THAT-IS needs you to be complete. EVERYTHING and every version of reality already exists. At the same "time" as time and space are subject to existence, and existence is NOT subject to time and space.

Reality is what you can apply, what you can use, what will make a difference in your experience of life - that's what's real. It takes a little while for people that have been trained to only look at the physical, to break away from that and include the non-physical energy as well, because a high degree of focus on physical reality creates an ego structure, that, if it is removed from physical reality, panics, because it thinks that physical reality is the only place that exists, and if all of a sudden one starts forcing the ego structure that has been physically focused to look at non-physical reality, it thinks it's dying, because it doesn't understand that non-physical reality is just as "real" as physical reality. That is the reluctance that we are experiencing.


What we call physical reality isn't actually "out there"; it's in our consciousness. So it's a relation of energy, of frequencies, within our consciousness that we interpret as a dimensional reality "outside" ourselves - but that's just a perspective, it's not an accurate description of the actual structure.


It's not about what happens, it's about what we DO with what happens that matters. The reality being a mirror image of ourselves, if we wait for it to smile first, we can wait for eternity. If we smile, the mirror will have no choice but to smile back. That's how reality works.


The exercises of activating the creator mode would include :

Logic and spherical thinking being compulsory for processing of the information.

Imagination to which any conscious travel or shift is subjected.


Beliefs as :
"I am anything / anyone I desire to be"
"I am projecting my own reality"
"I can do it and I am worthy"

These beliefs allow reprogramming of the future and the past from the NOW.