Our healing chapter is related to a direct improvement of our PHYSICAL BODY capacities. All emotional and belief-based healing is addressed to in other sections.

Although we do understand that the well-being of the physical body is directly dependent on the levels of consciousness we access, it seems important, from a certain point of view, to address it's needs directly from the existing density of one's consciousness.

The idea here is to get one's physical body to be a better antenna for receiving and being able to integrate any other piece of the puzzle, if one so chooses. We identified main areas in which a blockage could occur, so that by working on those areas one would increase one's physiological comfort as well as capacities to process energy and information.

We do not give classes in either of those fields, as they are already accessible through a number of brilliant sources that are now active on our planet. So, we encourage our students to do their own research on each on the topics, depending on their own desires, needs and location. We would like to state below the function of those fields :

Body detox
Enables the body to be healthy and absorb the nutritious ingredients.

Enables healthy nutrition.

Enables body's flexibility and ability to express ourselves.

Endocrine system healing
Enables optimal hormonal functions as well as DMT production by the pineal gland, which in its turn enables multi-dimensional perception.

DNA activation
Enables auto-regenerative functions of our bodies as well as quantum communication with our cells.

Neuronal network activation
Enables information processing capacities.

Chakras and kundalini liberation
Enables energy flow and energy processing capacities.

Sound frequency healing
Serves overall wellbeing, alignment with Higher Self and emotional release.

Quantum healing using water
Healing by consuming water programmed following Masaru Emoto's method.