Emotions are the direct product of our belief system. We can trace the emotion back to the belief and the definition that we are buying into. Negative emotions are based on negative or limiting beliefs and definitions.

Natural anger or any negative emotion lasts only up to 15 seconds. Anything longer than that is self-judgment that becomes a vicious circle. So at that point we CHOOSE to continue to feel it. But we don't have to.

If a negative emotion continues to come up, allow it to do so. The first step in utilizing it in a positive way, is to not judge that it's there. And if you do judge that you have judged that it is there, at least do not judge that you have judged that you have judged it is there. By judging the judgement (and so forth), we create negative core beliefs about ourselves. But if we just complete the circle immediately when negative emotion appears, it must dissolve. Because its job is done and we don't have to resist it.

Every time you feel negative emotion, say:

I feel ___ because I choose to believe I need to ___. This belief serves me to ___.

If it seems absurd to say, "I choose to" and you think "That's not true. I don't choose it, it just appears and it is out of my control", we would recommend you go to the ACTIVIZATION chapter where you can get a grasp on why we always choose what we feel. By commitment to our honesty, it will become apparent that the underpinning of the ego's responses is the PLEASURE that is derived from them. There is an inner satisfaction that is the payoff of self-pity, anger, rage, hate, pride, guilt, fear, etc. This inner pleasure energizes and propagates all these emotions.


Also understanding that it is the actual beliefs and definitions that produce emotions, being able to play around with our belief system is a must for any conscious transformation.


Allowing yourself to live through emotions is an equally powerful tool of transformation. Live it because we cannot change what we don't own.

Authentic expression of emotions is important in terms of letting go of the beliefs we don't prefer and so is perptualizing the emotions that are in alignment with our true self. Authentic expression can be done and cultivated in a variety of ways : sound, acting, music, visual art, movement, writing, humor, etc.