The STEAM phase suggests liberating ourselves from any attachment by accessing higher planes of consciousness, in order, if we so wish, to be able to again densify our consciousness to any plane of lower - frequency reality we desire.

The STEAM phase represents access to the SOURCE (the quantum zero / non-energy / non-duality level). The zero is not being a "nothing". "Nothing" cannot exist, per definition - as again per definition, if we are EXPERIENCING it and can talk about that experience, it's NOT non-existence. It is pure consciousness.

The exercise on the STEAM level density includes such areas as :

Transcending the ego. By commitment to our honesty, it will become apparent that the underpinning of the ego's responses is the PLEASURE that is derived from them. There is an inner satisfaction that is the payoff for self-pity, anger, rage, hate, pride, guilt, fear, etc. This inner pleasure energizes and propagates all these emotions. Although the mind will at first deny that it gets secret pleasure from suffering, it will reveal upon rigorous self-examination that the reason it clings to its content is for the "juice" it gets out of its positionalities, getting secret pleasure from IDENTIFYING with one's resentment, being a martyr or the victim, feeling misunderstood, unappreciated, or on the contrary, successful, bright, etc. A gain from the ego taking the position of the injured party is that it now has justification for any actions, no matter how extreme. It thrives on pain and suffering and all negative emotions. Ego addiction and survival are based on the secret pleasure of negativity, which cannot be abandoned until it is fist recognized, identified, and owned without shame or guilt.

When the payoff is no longer valued, these feelings disappear. They persist only so long as they serve a purpose. When this ego juice is abandoned it is replaced with inner peace. To undo the ego one must be willing to abandon the ego game.

The ego ceases to exist when we die in our physical form. By transcending the ego we mean concentrating the attention on a higher-dimensional level of consciousness / existence that moves us closer to the SOURCE and therefore anchors the perception of the ego and separation as a limitation of a space-time game.

Owning vs resisting, serving as a powerful tool to incorporate into one's consciousness any form of a similar or lower frequency consciousness. Owning or accepting the seemingly "other" consciousness as the reflecting of thyself would enchase the "power of illusion" vs the "illusion of power" that grows with resistance.

Simulacrum transitioning to the more solidified WATER and ICE phases. This process is about CONSIOUSLY CHOOSING the form in which to solidify a higher frequency reality into a lower frequency one. Just as, by analogy, choosing a transportation hub or a communication medium. When taking the physical transportation medium - STEAM being any destination, WATER being one of the super hubs and ICE being one of the hubs. When choosing a communication medium - STEAM being any communication medium, WATER being one kind on communication medium and ICE being one channel in that kind of communication medium.

This exercise can also, as a side effect, interrupt the karmic circuit, as there is no such thing as reincarnation or even past per se, as everything exists at the same time. We can only cross-connect to a similar vibration that appears to us as previous experience. In that respect karma being related to the previous experience, can be dissolved if we stop identifying ourselves with that vibration and switch to a different one.