Quantum mechanics stands in linear-logical contradiction to general relativity. The observation that quantum mechanics does not yield a description of an objective reality, is correct. Adding higher dimensions into the picture provides the needed framework to explain reality as subjective-only.

What we are is vibrating consciousness, vibrating energy, we are a resonance, a frequency, a pitch of energy. That is our unique signature vibration and whatever we define that to be, will be the experience that we allow ourselves to have, as a reflection back to us. Physical reality doesn't exist outside of us, it exists inside of us. Physical reality is just an illusion, just a reflection.

Consciousness creates a reflection of itself, and in a sense creates a vesica piscis, and that intersection of the reflection and itself has then a DIFFERENT DENSITY, and this is what we call energy. And in the energy is the vibration, that is representative of the intention of the consciousness reflecting on itself.

We define the three main levels of density forms such as ICE, WATER and STEAM that can serve as a permission slip in order to transcend the levels of consciousness and enable to manifest any reality we wish to.


All phenomena are the same one phenomenon vibrating at different rates. Just as water and steam and ice are all the same thing vibrating at different frequencies, likewise, matter and energy are the same substance vibrating at different frequencies.

Highest frequencies - STEAM - Consciousness
Medium frequencies - WATER - Spirit
Lower frequencies - ICE - Matter

Matter is solidified energy. Matter is Spirit energy vibrating at a lower frequency. Our body is solidified, crystallized Spirit. Our Spirit is not in our body, but our body is in our Spirit. As we raise our vibrations, we become more Spirit-like, moving closer towards a fluid-like Spirit, thereby making your reality creation more malleable and easily changeable.

Starting from the first level of density that we define as ICE, the exercises would concentrate on
exploring one's multi-dimensional state of being :

- Physical body. Survival Instinct. Awareness of space.
- Emotional body. Sexuality. Feeling.
- Mental body. Thoughts, beliefs, ideas, programs, ego.
- Astral body. Higher mind, energy fields, psychic ability.
- Etheric body. Love, compassion, service, the light body.
- Causal body. Cosmic consciousness, timelessness.
- The soul. The home level. Full abilities.