Everything is made of consciousness. We are a non-physical eternal consciousness that is constantly giving birth to the creation of the experience that we are having and that is our reality. Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. By matching the frequency of the reality we want we cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.


As our consciousness shifts through billions of versions of realities per second, Devanandi's mission statement is to serve as a permission slip to those who are excited about becoming aware and piloting their own consciousness in order to hence be able to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE the reality they shift to, in alignment with their preference.


Our power to assign ANY meaning we desire to any circumstance (the power of illusion) is our innate ability just as is our breath. This is why we track the parallel with breathing designing the areas through which this power of consciousness expresses itself : INHALATION (inspiration), EXHALATION (expression), QUANTUM (conscious frequency jump, in a sense "the channel switch"). THE STARTING POINT being the necessary step for those who want to become AWARE of their power to switch to any desired reality.


There is no specific order between the pieces of the puzzle, and every student is free to choose any class they feel connected to if they so wish. However, we do recommend following the order from STARTING POINT exercises to QUANTUM for those wishing to become acquainted with our program step-by-step, gradually increasing the difficulty of the exercises.


Our program gives access to a virtually unlimited potential of change and experience; our common belief is that the greatest power has the slightest touch. We therefore work on the power of illusion as opposed to the illusion of power, encouraging our students to seek the mastery of their own consciousness, with free choice and unconditional love. Every individual is a self-aware, self-reflective, free-will entity - a holographic representation of the infinite CREATION who are always as powerful as they need to be to switch to whatever reality they desire, without having to hurt anyone else or them self, in order to do so. In a hologram, each part of the hologram contains the information for the whole hologram.


The CREATION is structured holographically. We are holographic. Each possible version of our reality is also holographic. We contain within ourselves all possible versions of reality. All holograms (versions of reality) are contained within us. From all these infinite possibilities, we CHOOSE the version to be experienced with our beliefs, imagination, and feelings. Our imagination is the "archive" of all our possible holograms. From this archive of possibilities, the version that we imagine, believe, or focus our imagination on is our currently selected version of reality. Then we activate this selected version with our feelings. The more intense the feelings, the more powerfully we activate this version, and therefore, the more quickly it manifests as our tangible reality. Positive feelings activate the positive desired versions. Negative feelings activate the negative undesired versions. Worrying and doubt is using our imagination to create something we don't prefer.


The CREATION is always in service to our excitement, we don't have to force it. We privilege the illusion of limitless abundance, unconditional love of the CREATION that supports ANY belief we choose.


We also believe that the ability to consciously choose the reality we prefer will take us individually and collectively to the version of planet Earth that is representative of our preferences.


Our special thanks to the Sassani civilization and their first contact specialist for sharing concepts and beliefs and serving as a permission slip for our civilization to collectively and for each of us individually to co-create a shared reality.